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Mission and Vision


At Milestone Academy, we’ve made it our mission to offer parents the support they need by providing their children with a place of learning that is both safe and nurturing. We want to help build the foundation that is so important during the early stages of development in a child’s life, so they can move on with confidence in every area of their life. Whether it be in a social setting or a learning environment, our teaching techniques and supportive attitudes will allow children to flourish as they discover their passions and ability to express themselves freely.


We aim to create a place of learning that respects the unique interests and developmental needs of every child. We believe that these unique characteristics are what make every child special, and therefore deserve to be valued and cherished as the individuals they are. Through our specialized curriculum, we strive to allow children to enjoy being children, while nurturing their most valuable and important asset, their brains, with the highest quality of education.


Our Staff & Culture


At Milestone Academy, we aim to promote a culture of acceptance and awareness. We accept one another as being unique. Having a difference in interests or opinions is totally acceptable and we teach our students to appreciate one another’s unique characteristics.

We also want our students to be aware of each other’s feelings, therefore, we also strive to create an ecosystem where students can feel safe to express themselves without the worry of condemnation or judgment from their peers.

Our Staff

Our hard-working teaching staff is among the most talented in their fields. They have years of hands-on experience working with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners and helping them achieve their maximum potential in the classroom. All of our teachers are certified and bonded and are required to provide proof of state-mandated background checks and medical clearance. As safety is our top priority, we also require all teachers to provide CPR and First Aid certification.


Our caring staff form strong connections with the students.
Making Milestone Academy a positive experience.



We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn in an environment that provides a wide range of activities and learning techniques to stimulate their minds and allow them to explore the beauty the world has to offer. Milestone Academy is committed to ensuring your children receive the attention they require to help develop confidence in the classroom and other social settings they will face in life. We accomplish this through team-building activities, community organizing, and countless other areas that have helped thousands of children overcome challenges head-on, and make great strides throughout their education.


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