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Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Program

Milestone Academy’s full-day private Kindergarten program is designed to help your child thrive both academically and socially as they prepare for 1st grade and beyond. Our highly qualified teachers and small class sizes ensure personalized attention for every child. Our brand-new facilities are thoughtfully designed with state-of-the-art equipment and age-appropriate learning supplies, creating an engaging and stimulating learning environment.


We understand the changing demands of primary education. Kindergarten is no longer just a stepping stone – it’s the new first grade. That’s why we go above and beyond to prepare your child for the challenges ahead while fostering their love for learning.


Our holistic approach to education focuses on your kindergartener’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development. At Milestone Academy we are dedicated to nurturing the whole child, ensuring their growth and success.

Our Full-Day Private Kindergarten Program Includes:

  • Nationally recognized curriculum tailored for your child’s individual needs
  • Qualified teachers who guide your child’s growth and development
  • Hands-on activities to help foster creativity, problem-solving, communication skills, and critical thinking
  • Ongoing assessments and tracking to ensure your child is well prepared for their entrance into first grade
  • Engaging activities and materials designed to develop self-help and social skills
  • Comprehensive health and safety protocols that exceed local and state guidelines
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Life Essentials

Preparing your kindergartener for the future


We’ve set up our Kindergarten classroom with age-appropriate learning tools and resources to help them learn through a play-based, hand-on experience.

We recognize that every child possesses a unique learning style. That’s why our dedicated teachers are equipped with the necessary resources to cultivate your child’s natural curiosity. Our guidance empowers your child to sharpen their problem-solving abilities and build the self-assurance essential for future success.

At Milestone Academy, your child’s health and safety are our top priorities. We understand the importance of reducing exposure risks, which is why we offer small group lessons that provide more individual attention. In addition, our schools have exceeded all local and state guidelines by implementing stringent health and safety procedures.

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At Milestone Academy, we believe in putting your child’s well-being first and making it easy for families to stay involved in their educational journey. Our small classroom setting provides the perfect environment for your child to thrive and build a strong foundation for first grade. Our nationally recognized curriculum is designed to provide the best education possible. Through a variety of engaging activities, your child will develop essential skills in literacy, math, social studies, science, self-help, and social skills. Throughout the year, we closely monitor and track your child’s progress in five key knowledge areas, guaranteeing they are fully prepared and equipped for the exciting transition to first grade.


Science & Engineering
We understand that each and every child possesses the innate curiosity and drive to uncover the wonders of the world. Our passionate educators are committed to fostering a love for learning by empowering your child to explore, document, and analyze their exciting discoveries through the creative mediums of writing, drawing, and photos.

Language & Literacy
Did you know that 80% of primary school teachers now expect students to learn how to read in kindergarten? Our kindergarten literacy curriculum is here to help your child meet this new challenge and unleash their creativity while expanding their language skills. Our carefully crafted curriculum takes children on an exciting journey, from learning sign language to mastering phonemic awareness. We’ll nurture your child’s literacy development every step of the way and help ignite a lifelong passion for reading and writing.

Creative Arts
Our Creative Arts program allows your child to journey through time to discover the power of visual and creative arts. We delve into the works of both traditional and modern artists, stimulating their imagination and nurturing their creative thinking.

Social Studies
Our Social Studies curriculum celebrates diversity and encourages meaningful connections, empowering your child to thrive in an interconnected world. We believe it’s crucial for children to understand the world around them. That’s why our engaging lessons cover concepts like time, place, and the importance of respect for others.

Physical Development
Our Physical Development program focuses on teaching your child the right way to move, balance, and master their motor skills through engaging and entertaining activities. Our specially designed playground offers plenty of opportunities for sliding, climbing, and running, ensuring your child has fun while developing these critical skills.

At this age, children start grasping the concepts of counting, categorizing, and comparing. These cognitive skills form the very foundation for understanding math at the primary school level. Through engaging activities, we foster your child’s critical reasoning skills, creativity, and perseverance in problem-solving. Our curriculum dives deep into numbers, measurement, and patterns, providing children with effective hands-on learning experiences.

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