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Preschool Program (3yr to 4yr)


The Milestone Academy Preschool Program offers a dynamic curriculum that prepares students for kindergarten and life beyond. Our curriculum builds confidence, resilience, problem-solving skills and independence while encouraging curiosity. Our preschool classrooms are led by a certified teacher who works collaboratively with assistant teachers to create an engaging learning environment. A low student-to-teacher ratio ensures every student is able to receive individual attention and individualized instruction throughout the day.


As their world begins to blossom, we show them more of it through important learning exercises. Our preschool classroom is built for adventurers. As children begin preschool their wonder and curiosity peak. As such, we offer a plethora of reading material and learning activities and be sure to put their art on display at eye level. During this phase in their education, we also introduce the concept of team-building and working together. Providing a safe place for your child and giving you peace of mind is important.


Milestone Academy will always prioritize the safety of the children we care for first and foremost. Providing an ever-growing circle of acceptance is also important. We create an inviting classroom that promotes support and acceptance for all children, regardless of their background or abilities. Our classrooms are a place where children can be proud to be themselves.

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Life Essentials

Preparing your preschooler for the future


We’ve set up our preschool classroom with activities and displays that will keep their curious minds and bodies busy. All of the learning activities and materials cater to their age and level of development.


Daily Classroom Schedule
We teach our preschoolers the importance that routine plays, using simple pictures to guide them as to what they’ll be learning or doing next. This instills confidence in them as they know what the day will bring and allows them to feel like their part of the plan. Each morning, we’ll have a group discussion in a circle to allow all kids to feel included. We’ll talk about what to expect throughout the day and keep plenty of visual reminders within view.

Developing Independence
Discovery preschool will help your child become independent and take initiative in doing things like washing their hands and using the potty. To facilitate this, we have sinks, toilets, and furniture custom-designed to suit their size. They’ll develop the confidence to do these things all on their own.

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Our teachers have prepared a full day of activities for toddlers that include different rhythms to accommodate for their varying energy levels throughout the day. These include group time, storytime, play, meals and snacks, naps, and plenty of unstructured playtime.


Group Time
Group time is a daily activity that preschoolers will enjoy as it includes reading, writing, math and STEM. They’ll learn about coming together with other students and working as a community. Teachers will also read to students, sing songs, and other fun activities.

Healthy Snacks
Just as a preschooler burns plenty of energy, they need to replenish it as well. We make sure your toddler is provided healthy food options like fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, and whole grains that provide complex carbohydrates. We will never serve sugar-filled options or fried foods.

When it’s too hot outside we make sure preschoolers still get their exercise with our indoor playground. But if the weather is nice, we make sure toddlers get outside at least twice a day for 20-30 minutes. It’s a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air. We also have a splash pad that they just love.

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Milestone Academy aligns with the Pre K Standards for Nevada and QRIS Silver State Stars. Our preschool curriculum involves our teachers helping your child build the skills and confidence needed for “big kid school”. This includes understanding simple math and science, pretend play, and group play to help familiarize them with what a structured school setting will be like.


Cognitive Development
Our youngest preschoolers will learn early math skills such as identifying patterns and counting. They’ll also take part in fun group activities like singing, clapping, and plenty of moving around. We also focus on developing other cognitive skills like memorization and focus. This is done in various ways, some of which include remembering names and putting objects in the correct places they belong.

Learning About the Importance of Sharing and Friendship
These are the learning-to-share years! And we want to maximize this learning experience by teaching your child about how to do things like taking turns, sharing, accepting our differences, and interacting with new people.

Making friends and expressing feelings
Children in our classroom are constantly building on their new skills—and that includes the ones needed for making friends and communicating feelings. We help preschoolers talk about feelings, show them how to resolve conflicts, and support them as they make friends.

Self Expression
We give our early-preschoolers more mediums to explore. This includes paint, clay, dress-up, and acting, and dancing to music to express feelings.

Building brain power and strong bodies
Preschoolers start to do science experiments and learn early math concepts. This helps them build their critical thinking skills, memory, and focus. They stay healthy by playing outdoors, hopping and dancing inside, and learning about nutritious foods!

Writing and Reading/Listening Comprehension
This is the stage in a child’s life where concepts of drawing and writing begin to make sense. We practice both of these each day to help develop your child’s ability to express themselves and master these important skills. We also encourage children to ask questions about the stories they read and hear, to help build their comprehension skills.

Reading books and learning to write
We get preschoolers ready for kindergarten by reading lots of books, identifying rhyming words, and writing. Singing songs and playing games help them notice similar sounding words.

Creating art and playing pretend
They’ll build lots of self-confidence by expressing themselves creatively through painting, drama, music, storytelling, and writing. We give them the tools they need to create and then watch them explore. And teachers are always nearby with words of encouragement!

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Our teachers prepare creative activities that are perfectly suited for our early preschooler’s age group. Here are some examples!


What’s This?
Kids learn to identify different parts of the body like the head, shoulder, knees, and toes.

Clap Your Hands
This fun and interactive game teaches kids to listen and repeat clapping patterns. It helps them to develop memorization and coordination skills.

One Block at a Time
Kids will develop patience and learn the importance of sequence and taking steps one at a time using building blocks to make a tower.

Weekly Enrichments
Each week your Preschooler will experience programs to enhance their lives. These include music, cooking, science projects, and more… all available at no additional charge.

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Milestone Academy offers four unique Enrichment Programs for your child at no additional cost. Included in your Weekly Tuiton are:


Mad Scientist
Scientists ages 2 to 5 years old are created here! We are passionate about inspiring children of all ages to learn through the most engaging hands-on science and STEAM projects.

Moving & Grooving
Our music and movement classes are a blast! Your babies, toddlers, or preschoolers, along with our leadership converge and play together musically to get their groove on.

Mini Chefs
Cooking teaches children confidence and valuable skills. Our Chefs of the future practice basic math, reading comprehension and team building.

Little Einsteins
This program creates a learning progression that builds children’s understanding of technology in each lesson they do.

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