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Accelerated Pre K

Accelerated Pre K

Accelerated Pre K (4yr going into Kindergarten)


Milestone Academy offers an enhancement to our existing Preschool Program. Accelerated Pre K is designed for children that are 4 years old and going into kindergarten the following school year.

This program takes place September through May from 9:15 AM to 11:15 AM and includes a small group, structured, theme based, instructional approach for Kindergarten readiness.

The Accelerated Pre K curriculum is designed to teach all the basics: reading, math and science. Lesson plans include phonics awareness, sight words, number concepts, cause and effect, and much more.


Our Accelerated Pre K classroom is built for adventurers. As children begin Accelerated Pre K their wonder and curiosity peak. As such, we offer a variety of reading material and toys, and be sure to put their art on display at eye level. During this phase in their education, we also continue the concept of team-building and working together. Providing a safe place for your child and giving you peace of mind is important.


Milestone Academy will always prioritize the safety of the children we care for first and foremost. Providing an ever-growing circle of acceptance is also important. We create an inviting classroom that promotes support and acceptance for all children, regardless of their background or abilities. Our classrooms are a place where children can be proud to be themselves.

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Life Essentials

Preparing your preschooler for the future


We’ve set up our preschool classroom with activities and displays that will keep their curious minds and bodies busy. All of the learning activities and materials cater to their age and level of development.


Open-Ended Questions
As your preschooler moves through their day, they’ll hear a lot of open-ended questions. For example, instead of saying, “Paint your flower petals with red and yellow,” we might ask, “What color would you paint your flower?” It’s a small change that makes a big difference in building your child’s confidence.

Preschoolers play their way
Our older preschoolers begin to form their own ideas and make choices regarding the games they like to play and things they want to create. Our classrooms will include science experiments, art, and play pretend so the kids can create, play, pretend, and express themselves their way. We’ll help them build the skills they need as they prepare for kindergarten. This kind of independent play builds critical thinking skills, self-reliance, and confidence for life.

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Our caring teachers set a daily rhythm for preschoolers that consists of group time, story time, outdoor play, meals and snacks, and naps, and most especially, lots of unstructured playtime.


Group Time
Group time happens every day in each of our classrooms. Preschoolers come together to do a group activity or listen to a read-aloud.

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Our incredible Milestone Academy teachers are here to prepare your Accelerated Pre K Child for kindergarten and beyond. Your child will practice language, math, science, Spanish, and social skills through hands-on learning, interactivity and playtime.

Student materials for your child’s Accelerated Pre K Curriculum include:


Handwriting Book
Reinforce hand eye coordination, how to write each letter of the alphabet, combining letters to make words, combining words to make sentences.

Math Book
This workbook uses everyday math applications to teach basic skills including: Same and Different, Adding and Subtracting, Shapes, Writing Numbers to 30, Patterns, and Graphing.

All About Me Scrapbook
Designed to show your child’s individual progress from the beginning of the school year until the end.

Individual Supply Box
Each child will receive their own pencil box full or supplies they will need for the school year.

Interactive Learning
Children will have the opportunity to learn through interactive white boards and tablet computers. books, identifying rhyming words, and writing. Singing songs and playing games help them notice similar sounding words.

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Every day, our creative teachers guide preschoolers through fun activities that are just right for their age. Here are just a few examples:


La Casa y la Familia
Kids are introduced to Spanish words about home and family through songs, read-alouds, active games, and activities.

Obstacle Courses
Kids move through an outdoor obstacle course, learning to solve problems independently.

Write a Group Story
Kids create a story together using pieces of felt and a felt board.

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Milestone Academy offers four unique Enrichment Programs for your child at no additional cost. Included in your Weekly Tuiton are:


Mad Scientist
Scientists ages 2 to 5 years old are created here! We are passionate about inspiring children of all ages to learn through the most engaging hands-on science and STEAM projects.

Moving & Grooving
Our music and movement classes are a blast! Your babies, toddlers, or preschoolers, along with our leadership converge and play together musically to get their groove on.

Mini Chefs
Cooking teaches children confidence and valuable skills. Our Chefs of the future practice basic math, reading comprehension and team building.

Little Einsteins
This program creates a learning progression that builds children’s understanding of technology in each lesson they do.

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