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Toddlers & Twos

Toddlers & Twos

Toddler & Twos Program (1yr to 2yr)


The Milestone Academy Toddler Program utilizes a thoughtfully created curriculum that incorporates the interests of the students into each theme. Students are presented with a variety of new experiences and materials each day to encourage learning and exploration. Playing and working collaboratively with peers helps to create self-assured, resilient students that are able to problem-solve, engage positively with their environment and share the excitement of life-long learning.


At this stage of their lives, toddlers are much more mobile and we’re ready to accommodate them with a safe and fun environment to explore. Our toddler classroom is built for adventurers. We’re prepared to let the explorer in them shine through, letting them wander wherever they please and ensuring that they’re safe and learning as they go. Providing a safe place for your child and giving you peace of mind is important.


Milestone Academy will always prioritize the safety of the children we care for first and foremost. Providing an ever-growing circle of acceptance is also important. We create an inviting classroom that promotes support and acceptance for all children, regardless of their background or abilities. We create an environment where your baby will feel loved and looked after, and provide an opportunity to explore. Our classrooms are a place where children can be proud to be themselves.

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Life Essentials

Preparing your toddler for the future


We’ve set up our toddler classroom with activities and displays that will keep their hungry minds and bodies busy. Everything is set up so that it caters to their age and level of development.


Learning Within Reach
We want our toddlers to develop confidence and independence at an early age and part of this means having the confidence to reach out and take a book or toy that they’re interested in learning more about. That’s why we have set up our toddler classroom so books and toys are within reach. Students don’t have to wait for a teacher to hand them these objects! They can take the initiative to read and explore on their own.

Photos and Labels
We make sure to include an abundance of photos and visual cues throughout the classroom to help your toddler feel comfortable and safe as he/she navigates around the room. We also make sure to add photos of family members, to give toddlers a sense of security and help to develop community building with other toddlers in the classroom.

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Our teachers have prepared a full day of activities for toddlers that include different rhythms to accommodate for their varying energy levels throughout the day. These include group time, storytime, outdoor play, meals and snacks, naps, and plenty of playtime that includes learning activities as well.


Group Time
We use group time as a way to help develop your toddler’s social skills. This time of the day includes talking with other toddlers about the day and listening to a read-aloud story.

Healthy Snacks
Just as a toddler burns plenty of energy, they need to replenish it as well. We make sure your toddler is provided healthy food options like fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, and whole grains that provide complex carbohydrates. We will never serve sugar-filled options or fried foods.

When it’s too hot outside we make sure toddlers still get their exercise with our indoor playground. But if the weather is nice, we make sure toddlers get outside at least twice a day for 20-30 minutes. It’s a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air. We also have a splash pad that they just love.

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Our toddler curriculum is full of fun and interactive lessons that tap into their creative and intellectual side. From creating artistic paintings to reading, we’ll help your toddler explore what they’re passionate about, and perhaps help them discover new and exciting interests as well.


Cognitive Development
During this phase of your toddler’s education, we focus on introducing new concepts like math and science, to stimulate their budding brains with subjects they will delve into later in life. They’ll take part in important activities like sorting, counting, measuring, and more! Teachers will also assist in physical skills like learning to walk or rolling a ball.

Emotional and Social Awareness
At this stage, our teachers will help the toddlers in the classroom develop social and emotional awareness. This will be done with the use of puppets that help them learn about feelings and being conscious of the feelings of others.

Communication Building
We will help build your toddler’s vocabulary with effective techniques that help them remember the words they have learned. We will also introduce them to concepts of reading and writing, by turning pages in a book and allowing them to scribble on paper. This will set the stage for when they are ready to read and write on their own.

Self Expression
We want to give your toddler all the creative tools possible to fully express themselves. This can include constructing objects out of clay or simply dancing to children’s songs.

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The Toddler Program at Milestone Academy helps to foster independence from an early age. Teachers work collaboratively with parents on toileting and scheduling as the children move from infants into this next exciting and ever-changing stage of life. Our teachers have a fun-filled day planned for your toddler that includes various activities suited for their age. Here are some examples:


Homes for Animals
This game teaches toddlers that animals deserve love and care, while at the same time developing their problem-solving and building skills.

Car Tracks
Kids dip toy cars in non-toxic paint and drive them over paper to tap into their inner artist.

Digging in the Dirt
In this activity, kids get their hands a little dirty by digging into soil using garden tools and exploring seeds, plants, and flowers.

Weekly Enrichments
Each week your Toddler will experience programs to enhance their lives. These include music, cooking, science projects, and more… all available at no additional charge.

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Milestone Academy offers four unique Enrichment Programs for your child at no additional cost. Included in your Weekly Tuiton are:


Mad Scientist
Scientists ages 2 to 5 years old are created here! We are passionate about inspiring children of all ages to learn through the most engaging hands-on science and STEAM projects.

Moving & Grooving
Our music and movement classes are a blast! Your babies, toddlers, or preschoolers, along with our leadership converge and play together musically to get their groove on.

Mini Chefs
Cooking teaches children confidence and valuable skills. Our Chefs of the future practice basic math, reading comprehension and team building.

Little Einsteins
This program creates a learning progression that builds children’s understanding of technology in each lesson they do.

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